“Trans Men Need the Competent Fertility Care I Never Got”

Advocate, March 09 2016

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted children. For most of my life, I thought that I would carry my child, but those feelings changed shortly after I came out as a trans man and started taking testosterone.

Producing a genetically related child was still important to me, but I was no longer able to see myself carrying a pregnancy. After discussing all of our options, my wife, Caroline, and I decided that the closest we would ever get to creating another human together would be to fertilize my eggs with donor sperm and to then implant the embryo into Caroline for her to carry the baby.

Now after the process I am left with psychological pain from my memories of being treated like a disease that one might catch, and my fear of this happening every time I see a new doctor.

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New website with information on drug use and sexual & mental health, for the LGBTI community


Today, a website has be launched to provide advice and information on drug use and sexual and mental health, focused on the Australian LGBTI community.

The website, TouchBase, is a collaboration between the Victorian AIDS Council, the Australian Drug Foundation and the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisatios (AFAO).

It is the first online resource to deal with how recreational drugs can interact with prescription medication and hormones.
It also shows people where they can get support in their state of residence.
Access TouchBase website here

Study finds that risk of suicide in transgender community may be reduced by changing policy and societal factors

HealthCanal, 9/6/2015

Researchers have determined that policy and societal changes may prevent  thousands of transgender adults in Ontario from attempting or seriously considering suicide.

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Indigenous and transgender: five questions

The Guardian, Friday 26 September 2014 16.57 AEST

“I was brought up with a rich sense of cultural pride, but from a young age I knew something wasn’t right. At age 17 I embarked on a transition to feel at ease with myself.”

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Puberty Suppression for Transgender Adolescents Works

Huffington Post, Posted:

A child assigned male at birth began confounding parents, family and neighbours at age 3 by repeatedly declaring and insisting, “I am a girl.”

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