Treating HIV Immediately May Protect Against Cognitive Decline

POZ Treatment News, January 29, 2016

Individuals who start HIV treatment very soon after contracting the virus may be at lesser risk of later developing cognitive decline than other HIV-positive individuals.


Consent issues: US politician on trial for sex with wife with Alzheimer’s

After a four-year battle with Alzheimer’s, Donna Lou Rayhons died in a nursing home in August, just four days shy of her 79th birthday. A week later, Henry Rayhons was arrested and charged with sexual abuse. State prosecutors accused him of having sex with his wife while she was incapacitated by dementia.
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Two new offences created in South Australia to help avoid sexual exploitation of disabled people

ABC News, 30/3/15

Two new laws in South Australia aim to offer better protection from sexual exploitation for people with an intellectual disability.

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